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03/31/08 10:43 PM #1    

Site Admin

Welcome to the Gig Harbor High School Class Of 1998 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/16/08 11:28 AM #2    

Kyle Rohrbaugh

The Peninsula Gateway recently reported that The Gig Harbor High School class of 1998 remains the greatest class in the school's long history. Today's students whisper about our stories, athletic coaches stare at our records, and teachers still long for our contributions. Our class was historic, impacting the world with its far-reaching success. Later this summer we'll converge on our small hometown to laugh, remember, and reconnect. Ten years is nothing that a cold one at the Tides can't cure.

The Gig Harbor Class of 1998 reunion with take place August 8-10th, and we invite you to visit to help us spread the word and share your story.

Reunion details will be updated on the site. Right now all we know is that we're putting together awesome events for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on August 8th, 9th, and 10th. We'd love for as many of our class to attend as possible, even if you can't make all three days.

Here's where we need your help. First, we need to you visit, and update us with your own personal classmate page. We'd love your contact info, some interesting things about your life 10 years later, maybe a GHHS memory or two, and pictures of what you're up to. We made a website not only to capture information, but to swell the anticipation for our fabulous reunion. Let's get the classmate pages and the message boards going!

We also need any names, emails, and new married aliases of any classmates you know how to track down. We have a good list of names and emails to start, including you, but we're still missing quite a few. Please email us at with anyone who went to high school with us who you're still in contact with.

Thanks so much, and we look forward to catching up!

Your senior senators,

Kyle Rohrbaugh, Annie Baurichter (Burleigh), Kelda Martensen, Julie Harris (Seidenstein), and Joel Hall

04/17/08 02:30 PM #3    

Matt Jones

Hey there everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful 10 years. It sure went by quite quickly!

05/07/08 01:08 PM #4    

Seann Goodman

WORD!!!! Whadda tah class of 98! Big ups massive! Boo-ya-kasha, respek.....How the hell are yas? I wanna hear from yas.

05/11/08 01:07 AM #5    

Jennifer Maneja

hellooooo gig harbor!

ps- thanks for the arcade games...totally addicted to frogger and pac man.

06/25/08 04:33 AM #6    

Scott Swierenga (Swierenga)

I'll be buying my plane ticket end of this week. I'm so excited to make it back up there. See you in August.

07/15/08 10:31 PM #7    

Marianne Born (Carsten)

Hey ya'll. Can't wait to see everyone and catch up! Lately I've been having nightmares about still being in high school and not being able to graduate and everyone from HS is there and suddenly I have no clothes on but no one seems to notice but I'm still freaking out! Any one else had a dream like that? No? Ok.

07/30/08 12:08 PM #8    

Kyle Lippert

Sorry ya'll. I can't make it to the reunion. Maybe I'll see you at some point in the future but I just moved to New York and have to take care of some things. And I have a big show in Atlanta to go to for work. My bad. Hit me up on faceboook if you wanna talk. Love to hear from you all.

08/11/08 04:22 PM #9    

Lisa Kruckeberg

It was wonderful seeing you all this weekend! I'm glad to see that everyone seems so happy with where they have gone in life. And I look forward to hopefully keeping in better touch with several of you. I wish you all another fabulous 10 years and we'll see you at the 20th!

08/18/08 08:26 AM #10    

Scott Swierenga (Swierenga)

Ok, folks. A few of my reunion pics are now added to my profile here. Look for the others on MySpace later today.

Some of you showed intrest in wanting copies of some of the pictures I took. Just check the full spread in the myspace, send me a message letting me know what you want/need, and we'll go from there.

Scott Swierenga

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